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26th & 27 september – SOLD OUT –
dr legumes secret supper club
limited spaces – bookings only via

28th september – one day exhibition and evening party
i came from the night and to the night i shall return by ughetta dallimonti

30th september
silent disco – dj battle between dolly doo wop & out of town dj’s
tickets will be available in space and bounce vintage

3rd to 15th october
animality by karen piddington
#karenpiddington #space7gallery

13th to 24th september
colours edge by heather boxall

heather boxall works as a painter and printmaker. colour is central to her practice and it is how colour operates at many different levels that interests her. heather’s paintings draw on references from the natural world, texts, poems, places and events. she works with a limited palette or in monochrome and builds up layers of colour allowing ambiguities and subtle colour shifts to occur.

‘colours edge’ brings together heather’s work that explores how colours and edges have a constant tension and offer shifting perceptions. The subject matter that inspired this collection, varies from observations of bird plumage to the descriptive language on conrad’s ‘heart of darkness’, or a ‘sense of place’ such as the coastal landscape of kent.

heather was born in gravesend, kent and brought up in dover, she now lives and works in hebden bridge, west yorkshire. this is her first exhibition in the region.

1st – 10th september
melancholaoke by sadie hennessey

26-28th august

launch night featuriung dj susan’s leg policy and a live graffiti jam featuring 5 invited artists in payers park and over 20 others repainting the hoarding to the new skatepark at the top of tontine street – set to become an annual event, this year was curated by folkestone born aups – we plan to invite a different curator each year – watch this space!

secret supper clubs/ pop up restaurant
we’ve hosted several supper clubs for dr legumes and seafood streetfood specialists holy crab – here’s a few images – sign up to our newsletter to hear about the next one:

whiskey myers bloody mary's

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leah thorn is a a spoken word poet in her late 60s. ‘older women rock!’ is a project of poetry, retro clothes, performance and film that grew out of her experience of ageing as a woman and from conversations with other older women.
leah is collaborating with some fantastic older women artists – sculptor nicholette goff, knitting artist deborah nash, fashion stylist and fashion lecturer claire angel, textile artist trish bishop and members of the profanity embroidery group – who are embroidering, burning, printing, cutting, beading, engraving and staining her poetry onto retro clothes and accessories, together creating a pop-up political art space in which to raise awareness and explore issues facing women in their late 50’s and 60’s.

15th december 2016 – 20th january 2017
photography by carl warren

28th november – 11th december 2016
embellished – bijou bagels and cock couture
a meticulously executed show by cristian lanfranchi

4th to 9th October 2016
Space was one of 6 Folkestone gallery venues used for “D R A W N” from local collective ]Performance Space[

Keijaun Thomas

Keijaun Thomas ( New York City/ USA) creates live performance and multimedia installations that oscillate between movement and materials that function as tools, objects and structures, as well as a visual language that can be read, observed, and repeated within spatial, temporal, and sensorial environments.

web link

26 August – 11 September 2016 – mad bad lines;the douglas sisters at space gallery

“dalziel (pronounced dl) and lizzy douglas are hons and rebels, daughters of deal’s first family and posher than the queen. they are respectively, the owners of the black douglas, deal’s bohemian cafe and the black pig, a fine butcher. they are also artists and this show brings their work together for the first time, contrasting their unique and exhuberant styles.
their great, great uncle was lord alfred douglas, known as ‘bosie’, famously close friend of oscar wilde. the family history is colourful, referred to by oscar wilde as a ‘mad,bad line'” Peter Cocks August 2016


lizzy douglas

August 2016 – Sam Capell:

Samuel is a contemporary pop artist, working in Folkestone.
Samuel focuses on the destruction and manipulation of food, and why our love of fat, sugary fast food dominates our diets. He ultimately points at fast food companies and large organisations as being huge contributors towards our bad choices. Profit seems to take precedent over quality and nutrition. Samuel also explores comparisons in the industry and makes work to champion those food manufacturers who take their practice seriously and passionately.


July 2016 – Tommy Gurr & Richard Collett:


road closd

tommy gurr richard collett windows

24th june – 7th july – Marks Remarked, Remarked Marks. Drawings and paintings by David Lay.

NoParking2NoParking3Winter sea 3

Two very different aspects of the artist’s work usually exhibited separately shown here together for the first time.
Paintings in Acrylic. Marks initially made by others for disparate reasons, Lifted out of context, re-examined and remarked.
Sea and landscapes.
Monochrome drawings. Charcoal and chalk on paper. Marks made to explore the textures of sea and landscape.

About the artist.
David was for rather too long, a designer and scenic artist in theatre running the gamut from seaside rep to the National theatre and back again. He began showing his own work about ten years ago. He has exhibited widely both in London and Kent. Since moving to Folkestone he has shown at The Chimera, The Johnny Cotter Gallery and, Frank Hirshfield’s Galerie d’Art.
David is a director and co- founder with Maryanne Traylen of Pavement Pounders Community Interest Company.

the art of living
10th – 23rd june
in association with earlscliffe college

catherinerobonsonjohn simmstheartofliving

featuring work from some of folkestone’s most talented artists:

john sims
catherine robinson
wayne reeves
gary smith lyons
jeanette cook
charlotte harris
dee taylor
kate emans
mike tedder
richard collett

curated by spacewoman and sharon binnie

Rhyme or Reason – Richard Collett – 27th March to 7th April – Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm
Richard Collett Space Gallery
since graduating in 1992 from art school in falmouth,
richard has worked and exhibited in both london and kent.
his images are predominantly figurative or representational.

Clare Smith – 14th – 25th November – in the making
Clare Smith Space Gallery
Clare has a BA Hons in Fine Art and an MA in Fine Art for which she studied at Central St., Martin’s – she currently works as a visual artist for Dover Arts Development.

“time spent in the studio is slow time: I draw as a way of slowing down; the act of drawing is a curb on the urge to “do something” and repetition and process take away the anxiety of not knowing what to draw. the formal ready-made grid restricts the ‘gestural’ by demanding slow, deliberate marks, though my hand wobbles and the mark cannot be fully controlled. despite the impersonality implicit in serial work, the personal cannot help but make its mark – a kind of insistence – “the self rushing up to the surface”.”

Clare started out as a linguist and graduated from Cambridge University with a first-class degree in Oriental Studies in 1982. After living and working in Luxembourg for 15 years, where she taught English and later translated German and French documents into English for a number of financial institutions, she returned to the UK to study art and realise a long-held ambition of making a life in the arts.

Intimacy – Roy Trollope – October 24th to November 11th

Space Gallery Folkestone are pleased to be hosting a show by Roy Trollope – ‘Intimacy’ brings together an exquisite collection of drawings and paintings by Roy Trollope. The artist draws on a vivid creative imagination to visualise an emotional journey which moves from a detached objective SPACE to a more intimate subjective SPACE.
‘Scarlet Woman’, the character we see here depicted on an analyst’s couch, is the main protagonist in the earliest set of drawings made in 1989. She and the white female figure in a later series seem to represent a sexual presence held at arm’s length.
Then comes ‘Dreams’ where flowers and vase lie smashed on the ground perhaps in an effort to capture a sense of self-betrayal. Has the central character allowed himself to be propelled again into another sexual encounter where intimacy beckons?
In other images water evokes the weight of emotional challenge and also becomes a space where lovers play.
The artist revisits the story in 2004 when finally lovers come together in a series of beautiful erotic paintings called ‘Embrace’ where the willingness to embrace intimacy is finally revealed.

Sisa Arts – October 3rd – 21st 2012

“ingrid’s variety show”
5th – 21st september
“ingrid honneth started as costume and set-designer in the theatre (frankfurt, berlin, vienna, amsterdam, hamburg).
she started her career as an independent artist in 1988
by constructing sculptures out of the waste of our consumer civilisation
that emphasized the suffering from convention in an neoexpressionistic way.
in 2000 she turned the focus of her research from the subjective to the objective, reflecting everyday objects like safety-pins or matches as allegories for the human condition in our time.”
Private View 7th September 2012

8th august – 26th august
horace panter – icon inspired art

25th july – 5th august
“temples of love” charles newington & kevin jackson

local artist charles newington, best known for the blazing hill figure of a stylised white horse which nestles in the North Downs and long time friend and fellow artist kevin jackson, who exhibits in galleries all over the World have come together to collaborate on space gallery’s newest show – “temples of love”. Kevin has a Masters Degree from Chelsea School of Art, London, and worked as lecturer, fine art printer, and engraver as well as a novelist.
both artists are showing comprehensive bodies of work, (prints and originals) with prices starting from under £200.
July 4th – July 22nd – Andrew Daws MA RIBA

Andrew Daws is an artist, writer, and award-winning architect, and lives and works in London.
As an architect, Andrew has his own practice and consultancy after a career in the high profile firm of CZWG Architects llp, where he was responsible for designing some of their largest award-winning regeneration developments. While there, he worked in collaboration with some of the most well known architects, such as Norman Foster and Frank Gehry.
Andrew has been painting and drawing for several years. He actively uses sketchbooks on a daily basis, not only to record, but to capture scenes and test out representational ideas. Formally, Andrew uses painting and drawing as media to explore differing visual ideas, most particularly of landscape and space.
As a writer, is the author of Powerlines: ‘Pride and Fall’, a satirical novel set within the architectural profession, ‘Young Lions’, its sequel, and ‘The White Room’, a novel about the search for love to be published in 2012.
Andrew travels regularly with his sketchbooks, and has recently completed a tour of the Mediterranean region, including Tunisia, Greece, and Turkey.

Vanessa Dakinsky
Born in 1985 – lives in Toulouse, France
“Through painting lens, I explore undefined spaces, mixing realistic elements with dreamy ones.
My work comes from combinations, like an echo between anecdotes of everyday life, my obsessive taste for pictures and a more general curiosity for contemporary mythologies and life. Each painting is a living place for contradictory elements. I avoid to simplify or reduce and prefer to open the enigma, their shady scenes, reverberations.
You can find my influences as well in the “classic” painting as in more spontaneous expressions (low brow, etc). ”
Vanessa Dakinsky

After a degree in fine arts and some wanderings, Vanessa Dakinsky asserts herself in a more self-taught art practice : strange pictorial constructions, focusing on the intimate perception, extravagance and phantasmagoria.
On the run from the radical commonplaces, she explores floating feelings, building a world neither real nor fake, where life and death both conflict and express their affinities. Human figures or hybrid ones go alongside poetry, mystery, and architect her worldview that is both strange and delicate.

Lou Ros.

Born in 1985 – Lives in Paris

Self-taught artist Lou Ros, began his career by tagging walls and buildings with friends at the age of 17. Now 27, he’s exhibiting his paintings worldwide with no less than seven upcoming group and solo exhibitions in Miami, New York, Paris and . . . Folkestone!
DUNGENESS|drift private view may 4th 2012 (photos – thanks to Barbara Rich)

may2nd to may 20th 2012
Andrew Sullivan, Paddy Hamilton, Marc Cristmas – DUNGENESS|drift

18 – 29 april 2012
Alex Dunn & Peter Davis



11th to 15th April

Live illustrations, DJ’s and space bar on Friday 13th April 7pm to midnight

Hunter Gatherer – a collaboration between local artists, illustrators and graphic designers Squirl and Moose & Yeti


22nd March – 8th April (10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday)
Stains, Traces and Tears – impressions from a field laboratory
Nicholette Goff


8th-18th March (10am to 4pm)
Sideways Recordings – Space Gallery presents a Sideways glance into the visual genesis of a record label . .
Friday 9th March 7pm-midnight invite only event featuring Sideways DJ’s and Artists with a pay bar (Space-Bar) back by popular demand . . .

Two in the Hand . . . a group show featuring the work of kate mcleod, tessa payne and iain hales featuring paintings, objects and lifesize sculpture . . .

iain hales is interested in the notion of making sculpture that operates in ways more closely associated with painting. this is most clearly evidenced in his use of colour, but also in the way the smaller elements of his assemblages are ‘drawn’ against the larger, flat components, which act, almost as picture ground. within this framework Iain explores quite traditional concerns of form, scale, placement, texture, and materiality. with carefully considered juxtapositions and seemingly erratic collision of reference points – meaning and subject begin to emerge.
in kate mcleod’s large-scale clay sculpture the human form is laid bare before us with uncompromising vigour and tension. building this piece in situ the work takes on a performative and animated stance diagramming the relationship between the economies of production, presentation and the ephemerality of site-specific sculpture. also exhibited will be a suite of photographic prints that re-present destroyed sculptural works as portraiture.

tessa payne will present a group of new works that will function as an introduction to a new vocabulary of a growing lexicon. Uniting the unknown with the every-day through a process of reduction and re-staging each piece will demonstrate the uncovering of various subjects drawn from a variety of sources including the Internet and personal photographic documentation. Shifting among media with a multiplicity of forms the work will show a rigorous investigation in to an idiosyncratic visual language.

iain hales (b.1977) and tessa payne (b.1982) both live and work in london. kate mcleod (b.1982) is currently living and working in belgium

charles newington – “beasts in space”

charles newington

charles newington, artist printer etcher. best known for the blazing hill figure which nestles in the north downs, a unique stylised white horse now adopted as an emblem for a region, business and leisure.

pigeon holing charles is not easy, an extensive career path over 40 years has proven that. water colourist, painter etcher, printmaker and book illustrator have shaped an ever changing, constantly fresh approach to his own work.

charles’ first solo exhibition was in London in 1989, he has been exhibiting nationally and internationally ever since.

charles now resides in Folkestone and India.
“beasts in space” – 2nd-27th november 2011
“i started making the first ” beasts ” images about 20 years ago, inspired by the primal animist imagery of the palaeolithic cave paintings in south west france. their first solo show was at the rebecca hossack gallery in london in 1993. rebecca then went on to hang a bizarre 8 metre high tower of them at the barbican centre. other strange venues have been as decor for the rolling stones voodoo lounge tour backstage party area and the walls of blantyre house prison. beasts have been the theme for many further shows over the years

the main technique i use is a combination of dry pastel with ” sfumato”, (smoke painting) on rough handmade paper from nepal. larger pieces are made with oil and acrylic paints.

this exhibition at the space gallery shows both early work and a series of new pieces, revisiting and reviving an old, well trodden path. and it is a wonderful opportunity to put a show on titled ” BEASTS IN SPACE “.
charles newington.

tom shedden – “unknown”

tom shedden currently lives and works in hythe. he completed his ba in illustration from central st martins in 1997 and continued his development into photography. in 2006, tom focused his direction to fine art painting. in 2009 he was selected for the turner contemporary open in margate, and in 2010 was also selected for the salon painting prize. more recently his work ‘edwardian heyday’ was installed as part of the folkestone triennial fringe.

“Japan, May 19th- June 6th 2011” by Laura Bell

5th October – 16th October 2011
laura bell lives and works in folkestone, kent. originally from scarborough, north yorkshire, laura moved to london to study for her ba in art practice at goldsmiths college. inspired by travel, she is always looking for new places to explore, so in april 2011, she embarked on a whirl-wind trip around asia.
this exhibition, which will be Laura’s first solo show, draws directly from her trip. her photographic journal is formed using a mixture of traditional darkroom techniques and instant photographs. tom shedden currently lives and works in hythe. he completed his ba in illustration from central st martins in 1997 and continu
space sessions with toby connor – september 2011 . . .

click below to play video . . . you have to click it AGAIN a second time . . .
toby connor – space sessions 1
Kate Knight/Sacred/Profane PV – 23/9/11
Photos with thanks to Ben O’Reilly –

Joanna Jones – A matter of touch

The exhibition title, A Matter of Touch, refers to the paintings’ means of production and the formations Joanna Jones enables through her touch. Her work encompasses performance and painting and questions the way we view phenomena as well as notions of reality and perception.

Scooted & Booted
Folkestone Skabour festival Fringe event featuring work by John ‘Teflon’ Sims (2Tone Posters – original signed prints of some of the most iconic 2Tone images), Rick Mann’s iconic, behind the scenes music photography from the 70’s and 80’s featuring the selecter, buster bloodvessel, the specials and sid & nancy, local photographers, Ben O’Reilly and Anthony Wilson’s Skabour 2010 images and this years “Skins 2011” black and white photoshoot from Emporium – Margate.

“Shine”, a group show featuring an amazing collection of local, national and international urban and graphic Artists
Oliver Winconek, Otto Scade, DOCart, Faunagraphic, Julian Kimmings, Curly Mark, Agent Provocateur, Joe Loughborough, Rocket01 and Louis ‘Masai’ Michel
1st April 2011
Space Launch

The opening of Space Gallery in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter.
Time-lapse video by Sam Millen.

Artist : Charlotte Harris
Work examples:

Charlotte Harris has been working in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter since 2004, she studied BA hons Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University and started to work as a professional artist when she graduated in 2003. At 21, she won the National Portrait Gallery’s BP Portrait Award 2003 and has since exhibited nationally and internationally. Her commissioned portrait of Dame Vivien Duffield forms part of the National Portrait Gallery’s contemporary collection.
Charlotte also paints realistic contemporary still life pieces and tackles subjects from everyday objects such as lemons and glass to childhood toys such as marbles and dominoes. Her painting “Strawberries and Cream was awarded first prize at the 2010 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.
Charlotte somehow manages to create a sense of movement and drama within her work, which never ceases to amaze us.

The Somnabulist – Cat Roissetter
Wednesday 13th July – Sunday 24th July
Royal College of Art graduate Cat’s illustrations exhibit an incredibly complex imagination. As her drawings develop, the sequences and the situations between characters become increasingly coherent. Cat is inspired by Surrealists, in particular the poetry of Andre Breton and Georges Bataille. She is intrigued by what she calls “the uncanny connections one can make between reality and the subconscious”. Fairy-tales and myth are integral themes to her images.

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