stains, traces and tears – NICHOLETTE GOFF

stains, traces and tears – impressions from a field laboratory

nicolette lives & works in sandgate, kent. she has a long track record of exhibiting and participating in residencies in the UK and abroad. nicolette initially trained as a sculptor but her work in the last ten years has been far more diverse and has included drawing, sculpture, printmaking and video. her materials have been as traditional as paint and as unconventional as mars bars, toys and mud. for the past six years goff’s work has been based in the natural environment, with a predominant occupation of printmaking in the landscape. she works directly on the ground using her car as a printing press, driving over papers that have been soaked in ponds and streams. the prints, which are several meters across, show the gashes where root material has torn through and, in contrast, the delicate staining of flowers and berries. the paper is impregnated with the essence of the plant the traces of colour, structure and form that are compressed and embossed into the paper.

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