Two in the Hand . . .

a group show featuring the work of kate mcleod, tessa payne and iain hales featuring paintings, objects and lifesize sculpture . . .

iain hales is interested in the notion of making sculpture that operates in ways more closely associated with painting. this is most clearly evidenced in his use of colour, but also in the way the smaller elements of his assemblages are ‘drawn’ against the larger, flat components, which act, almost as picture ground. within this framework Iain explores quite traditional concerns of form, scale, placement, texture, and materiality. with carefully considered juxtapositions and seemingly erratic collision of reference points – meaning and subject begin to emerge.
in kate mcleod’s large-scale clay sculpture the human form is laid bare before us with uncompromising vigour and tension. building this piece in situ the work takes on a performative and animated stance diagramming the relationship between the economies of production, presentation and the ephemerality of site-specific sculpture. also exhibited will be a suite of photographic prints that re-present destroyed sculptural works as portraiture.

tessa payne will present a group of new works that will function as an introduction to a new vocabulary of a growing lexicon. Uniting the unknown with the every-day through a process of reduction and re-staging each piece will demonstrate the uncovering of various subjects drawn from a variety of sources including the Internet and personal photographic documentation. Shifting among media with a multiplicity of forms the work will show a rigorous investigation in to an idiosyncratic visual language.

iain hales (b.1977) and tessa payne (b.1982) both live and work in london. kate mcleod (b.1982) is currently living and working in belgium

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